find your Rhythm.

Your menstrual cycle is the original influencer. Affecting your metabolism, your exercise performance, mental wellbeing, and even the kind of food you feel like eating.
But most health and wellbeing programmes don’t think about your cycle when they’re trying to help you reach your weight loss goals.
Truth is, research into women’s health is drastically underfunded with only 6% of all exercise science research between 2014 and 2020 spent on Women. This leads to programmes being built that are largely focused on men.
We believe it’s time that women’s health became a real focus, not a nice to have. We want women to be more informed about their menstrual cycles and it’s super power!
We are a small team, founded by Medibank, who work with leading female hormone experts including dieticians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists who are passionate about advancing and advocating for women's health and empowering women to live healthy and happy lives.
Find Your Rhythm uses emerging hormonal science and a killer algorithm, to help women understand and harness their individual cycles, enabling them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals in a natural and more sustainable way.
To find our more about Find Your Rhythm, check out our blog and frequently asked questions. You can also contact us at contact@fyr.com.au or Instagram: findyour.rhythm
App Screenshot showing Estrogen and Progesterone curves, a hormonal forecast button and a section labelled 'todays nutrition.'

Find Your Rhythm
and work with your body, not against it.

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